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Tuesday, September 12, 2006



It all started out very innocently.

Summer time in NYC. You stroll down the plentiful street fairs in your flip flops and felt ecstatic to finally kick off that pair of snow stained dirty boots. You munch on the whopping $3 cup of watermelon and even smile at the pushy tourists next to you. Within the smell of greasy sausage and fake pad-Thai, you sniff something delicious. You follow the trail and find the red tented Kettle Corn NYC stand. A huge line has already accumulated before you. You sneak to the front and sample the original flavor. The buttery caramel popcorns tangled with sea salt hops in your mouth with passionate vitality. This ain't no ordinary popcorn! You sample some more, one handful, another fistful, and finally decide to buy a bag for your Netflix viewing tonight. On the train ride home, you smell the enticing sweet whiff seeping out from the bag and battle with the weakness of the flesh. But you are only human! You dive in and surrender to the whole bag before even reaching for your keys. You can barely remember what Netflix DVD you watched that night. The next day, you wake up with the sweet memory and sultry taste in your mouth. You can't stop thinking about it all day. You must have it again! Only then you realized that you didn't know where s/he lived nor did you have his/her number! The worst of all, at the heat of the passion, YOU THREW THE BAG AWAY!! So you spend the rest of the day dodging your boss and googling Kettle Corn NYC to download their street fair schedules and count the days when you'll meet again while vowing to never touch any other popcorn ever again! (baby, there are just ho's! But you are my LAA-DY!)

Ever heard of KCA (Kettle Corn Anonymous)???


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