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Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Hunger, I mean real hunger, is one of the most tragic things could ever happen to human kind.

It is really not my place to critique nor comment on the great works of my favorite Chinese writer, Eileen Chang.

Because she was simply, too brilliant.

Just re-read her novel “The Rice Sprout Song” last night. I was moved to tears, again. She had such sharp ways of penetrating the souls of her characters as well as remarking the absurdity of China‘s land reform movement in the 50s. The fear (and reality) of hunger was so vividly descried in this novel. I feel like telling every food lover about this book. You simply can not proclaim yourself to be a “gourmet” without witnessing the experiences of hunger.

It is like the yin and the yang. Sometimes you have to tip to the other side in order to fully understand this side.

Empathy is a very powerful thing.


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