The Incredible Adventures of Gourmet Gal

Friday, June 22, 2007

Eat Famously

Guess what?! It's totally NYC Restaurant Week again!

This year, after careful selections, I've decided on the following restaurants:

Morimoto (because I've had a huge crush on his food since the original Iron Chef TV show was only available on my Asian hook-up channel in Japanese)
Union Square Cafe (because believe it or not, I've never eaten there... ok, I know, I know...)
Aureole (because I'm curious about their food)
Gordon Ramsay's maze (need I say more? Maybe I'll be lucky and get to watch him wacking his sous-chef with a cleaver live!)

So make your reservations NOW!

Monday, June 11, 2007


Guess what?


Oh, man, time flies. I am more than certain that you are sooo sick of that pork fat headline by now. And no, I did not go on a diet, and yes, I still leap up at the thought of food. So check out the Queens restaurant list I wrote for Sally’s Place:

And (always, always) leave room for dessert …